Nano Hydroxyapatite

Hydroxyapatite (HAP) is a naturally occurring form of calcium phosphate that constitutes the largest amount of inorganic components in human bones. The chemical formula of HAP is Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 with a Ca/P ratio

of 1.67. HAP is the most stable calcium phosphate with low solubility in physiological environments defined by temperature,pH, body fluids, etc.

Nanoscale HAp crystals possess excellent sintering ability due to their high surface energy, and the HAp

nano-ceramics with enhanced mechanical properties can be fabricated using Hap nano-powders as raw materials.Moreover, HAp nanobioceramics exhibit better bioactivity and higher resorbability than those in microscale sizes. HAp nanoparticles can be used for cell targeting and diagnosis, and drug/gene delivery

There are many applications for hydroxyapatite.

Analysis sheets

CAT NO. Product name Paricle size Data sheet  
APA-nHA Powder

Nano Hydroxyapatite(Powder) Nano pdf  
APA-nHA Paste

Nano Hydroxyapatite(Paste) Nano    
APA-nCHA Powder

Nano-Structure Carbonated Hydroxyapatite(Powder) Micron pdf  
APA-nCHA Paste

Nano-Structure Carbonated Hydroxyapatite(Paste) Micron pdf  
APA-HA Powder

Hydroxyapatite(Powder) Micron    
 APA-HA Paste

Hydroxyapatite(Paste)  Micron